Reset Textframes Transformation.

Here is a little working concept code you can reset your selected textFrames shear, rotate and reflection. TextFrames have transform matrix. Here is a snipet of get it from a selected textFrames.

alert(app.selection[0].matrix); //Select only target textFrame.

We can invert it using applications method like below


Previouse two snipets return same “[Matrix]”. However, 2nd matrix is inverted values as you see below that make the Property Explorer’s result.

You can use below to test how it works.

var mtx = app.invertMatrix(app.selection[0].matrix);
 mtx.mValueTX = 0;
 mtx.mValueTY = 0;

*Both TX and TY values are global position. when you inverse it, object moves to outside of maximum canvas size range. Therefor, we need reset these values to 0.

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