Illustrator CC(ver.25) menu commands list

Almost complete listed, we can use from JavaScript.


menumenu command
New from TemplatenewFromTemplate
Browse in BridgeAdobe Bridge Browse
Save Assaveas
Save a Copysaveacopy
Save as Templatesaveastemplate
Save for Web & DevicesAdobe AI Save For Web
Save Selected SlicesAdobe AI Save Selected Slices
PlaceAI Place
Export SelectionexportSelection
Export/Export For ScreensexportForScreens
Scripts>Other Scriptai_browse_for_script
Document Setupdocument
Document Color Mode>CMYK Colordoc-color-cmyk
Document Color Mode>RGB Colordoc-color-rgb
File InfoFile Info


menumenu command
Paste in FrontpasteFront
Paste in BackpasteBack
Paste in PlacepasteInPlace
Paste on All ArtboardspasteInAllArtboard
Find & ReplaceFind and Replace
Find NextFind Next
Check SpellingCheck Spelling
Define PatternDefine Pattern Menu Item
Edit Colors>Recolor ArtworkRecolor Art Dialog
Edit Colors>Adjust Color BalanceAdjust3
Edit Colors>Blend Front to BackColors3
Edit Colors>Blend HorizontallyColors4
Edit Colors>Blend VerticallyColors5
Edit Colors>Convert to CMYKColors8
Edit Colors>Convert to GrayscaleColors7
Edit Colors>Convert to RGBColors9
Edit Colors>Invert ColorsColors6
Edit Colors>Overprint BlackOverprint2
Edit Colors>SaturateSaturate3
Edit OriginalEditOriginal Menu Item
Transparency Flattener PresetsTransparency Presets
Tracing PresetsTracingPresets
Print PresetsPrint Presets
Adobe PDF PresetsPDF Presets
SWF PresetsSWFPresets
Perspective Grid PresetsPerspectiveGridPresets
Color Settingscolor
Assign Profileassignprofile
Keyboard ShortcutsKBSC Menu Item
Preferences>Selection & Anchor DisplayselectPref
Preferences>Guides & GridguidegridPref
Preferences>Smart GuidessnapPref
Preferences>Plug-ins & Scratch DiskspluginPref
Preferences>User InterfaceUIPref
Preferences>File Handling & ClipboardFileClipboardPref
Preferences>Appearance of BlackBlackPref


menumenu command
Transform>Transform Againtransformagain
Transform Each Transform v23
Transform>Reset Bounding BoxAI Reset Bounding Box
Arrange>Bring to FrontsendToFront
Arrange>Bring ForwardsendForward
Arrange>Send BackwardsendBackward
Arrange>Send to BacksendToBack
Arrange>Send to Current LayerSelection Hat 2
Lock>All Artwork AboveSelection Hat 5
Lock>Other LayersSelection Hat 7
Unlock AllunlockAll
Hide>All Artwork AboveSelection Hat 4
Hide>Other LayersSelection Hat 6
Show AllshowAll
Expand AppearanceexpandStyle
Flatten TransparencyFlatten Transparency
RasterizeRasterize 8 menu item
Create Gradient Meshmake mesh
Create Object MosaicAI Object Mosaic Plug-in4
Create Trim MarksTrimMark v25
Slice>MakeAISlice Make Slice
Slice>ReleaseAISlice Release Slice
Slice>Create from GuidesAISlice Create from Guides
Slice>Create from SelectionAISlice Create from Selection
Slice>Duplicate SliceAISlice Duplicate
Slice>Combine SlicesAISlice Combine
Slice>Divide SlicesAISlice Divide
Slice>Delete AllAISlice Delete All Slices
Slice>Slice OptionsAISlice Slice Options
Slice>Clip to ArtboardAISlice Clip to Artboard
Path>Outline StrokeOffsetPath v22
Path>Offset PathOffsetPath v23
Path>Simplifysimplify menu item
Path>Add Anchor PointsAdd Anchor Points2
Path>Remove Anchor PointsRemove Anchor Points menu
Path>Divide Objects BelowKnife Tool2
Path>Split Into GridRows and Columns….
Path>Clean Upcleanup menu item
Blend>MakePath Blend Make
Blend>ReleasePath Blend Release
Blend>ExpandPath Blend Expand
Blend>Blend OptionsPath Blend Options
Blend>Replace SpinePath Blend Replace Spine
Blend>Reverse SpinePath Blend Reverse Spine
Blend>Reverse Front to BackPath Blend Reverse Stack
Envelope Distort>Make with WarpMake Warp
Envelope Distort>Make with MeshCreate Envelope Grid
Envelope Distort>Make with Top ObjectMake Envelope
Envelope Distort>ReleaseRelease Envelope
Envelope Distort>Envelope OptionsEnvelope Options
Envelope Distort>ExpandExpand Envelope
Envelope Distort>Edit ContentsEdit Envelope Contents
Perspective>Attach to Active PlaneAttach to Active Plane
Perspective>Release with PerspectiveRelease with Perspective
Perspective>Move Plane to Match ObjectShow Object Grid Plane
Perspective>Edit TextEdit Original Object
Live Paint>MakeMake Planet X
Live Paint>MergeMarge Planet X
Live Paint>ReleaseRelease Planet X
Live Paint>Gap OptionsPlanet X Options
Live Paint>ExpandExpand Planet X
Text Wrap>MakeMake Text Wrap
Text Wrap>ReleaseRelease Text Wrap
Text Wrap>Text Wrap OptionsText Wrap Options…
Clipping Mask>MakemakeMask
Clipping Mask>ReleasereleaseMask
Clipping Mask>Edit ContentseditMask
Compound Path>MakecompoundPath
Compound Path>ReleasenoCompoundPath
Artboards>Convert to ArtboardssetCropMarks
Artboards>RearrangeReArrange Artboards
Artboards>Fit to Artwork BoundsFit Artboard to artwork bounds
Artboards>Fit to Selected ArtFit Artboard to selected Art
Graph>Marker setIconDesign
Align>Horizontal Align LeftHorizontal Align Left
Align>Horizontal Align CenterHorizontal Align Center
Align>Horizontal Align RightHorizontal Align Right
Align>Vertical Align TopVertical Align Top
Align>Vertical Align CenterVertical Align Center
Align>Vertical Align BottomVertical Align Bottom


menumenu command
Glyphsalternate glyph palette plugin
Area Type Optionsarea-type-options
Type on a Path>RainbowRainbow
Type on a Path>3D Ribbon3D ribbon
Type on a Path>SkewSkew
Type on a Path>Stair StepStair Step
Type on a Path>GravityGravity
Type on a Path>Type on a path OptionstypeOnPathOptions
Type on a Path>Update Legacy Type on a PathupdateLegacyTOP
Threaded Text>CreatethreadTextCreate
Threaded Text>Release SelectionreleaseThreadedTextSelection
Threaded Text>Remove ThreadingremoveThreading
Composite FontsAdobe internal composite font plugin
Kinsoku Shori SettingsAdobe Kinsoku Settings
Mojikumi SettingsAdobe MojiKumi Settings
Fit HeadlinefitHeadline
Create Outlinesoutline
Find FontAdobe Illustrator Find Font Menu Item
Change Case>UPPERCASEUpperCase Change Case Item
Change Case>lowercaseLowerCase Change Case Item
Change Case>Title CaseTitle Case Change Case Item
Change Case>Sentence caseSentence case Change Case Item
Smart PunctuationAdobe Illustrator Smart Punctuation Menu Item
Optical Margin AlignmentAdobe Optical Alignment Item
Show Hidden CharactersshowHiddenChar
Type Orientation>Horizontaltype-horizontal
Type Orientation>Verticaltype-vertical


menumenu command
All on Active Artboardselectallinartboard
ReselectFind Reselect menu item
InverseInverse menu item
Next Object AboveSelection Hat 8
Next Object BelowSelection Hat 9
Same>AppearanceFind Appearance menu item
Same>Appearance AttributeFind Appearance Attributes menu item
Same>Blending ModeFind Blending Mode menu item
Same>Fill & StrokeFind Fill & Stroke menu item
Same>Fill ColorFind Fill Color menu item
Same>OpacityFind Opacity menu item
Same>Stroke ColorFind Stroke Color menu item
Same>Stroke WeightFind Stroke Weight menu item
Same>Graphic StyleFind Style menu item
Same>Symbol InstanceFind Symbol Instance menu item
Same>Link Block SeriesFind Link Block Series menu item
Object>All on Same LayersSelection Hat 3
Object>Direction HandlesSelection Hat 1
Object>Not Aligned to Pixel GridSelection Hat 12
Object>Bristle Brush StrokesBristle Brush Strokes menu item
Object>Brush StrokesBrush Strokes menu item
Object>Clipping MasksClipping Masks menu item
Object>Stray PointsStray Points menu item
Object>Text ObjectsText Objects menu item
Object>Flash Dynamic TextDynamic Text
Object>Flash Input TextInput Text
Save SelectionSelection Hat 10
Edit SelectionSelection Hat 11


menumenu command
Apply Last EffectAdobe Apply Last Effect
Last EffectAdobe Last Effect
Document Raster Effects SettingsLive Rasterize Effect Setting
3D>Extrude & BevelLive 3DExtrude
3D>RevolveLive 3DRevolve
3D>RotateLive 3DRotate
Convert to Shape>RectangleLive Rectangle
Convert to Shape>Rounded RectangleLive Rounded Rectangle
Convert to Shape>EllipseLive Ellipse
Crop MarksLive Trim Marks
Distort & Transform>Free DistortLive Free Distort
Distort & Transform>Pucker & BloatLive Pucker & Bloat
Distort & Transform>RoughenLive Roughen
Distort & Transform>TransformLive Transform
Distort & Transform>TweakLive Scribble and Tweak
Distort & Transform>TwistLive Twist
Distort & Transform>Zig ZagLive Zig Zag
Path>Offset PathLive Offset Path
Path>Outline ObjectLive Outline Object
Path>Outline StrokeLive Outline Stroke
Pathfinder>AddLive Pathfinder Add
Pathfinder>IntersectLive Pathfinder Intersect
Pathfinder>ExcludeLive Pathfinder Exclude
Pathfinder>SubtractLive Pathfinder Subtract
Pathfinder>Minus BackLive Pathfinder Minus Back
Pathfinder>DivideLive Pathfinder Divide
Pathfinder>TrimLive Pathfinder Trim
Pathfinder>MergeLive Pathfinder Merge
Pathfinder>CropLive Pathfinder Crop
Pathfinder>OutlineLive Pathfinder Outline
Pathfinder>Hard MixLive Pathfinder Hard Mix
Pathfinder>Soft MixLive Pathfinder Soft Mix
Pathfinder>TrapLive Pathfinder Trap
RasterizeLive Rasterize
Stylize>Drop ShadowLive Adobe Drop Shadow
Stylize>FeatherLive Feather
Stylize>Inner GlowLive Inner Glow
Stylize>outer GlowLive Outer Glow
Stylize>Round CornersLive Adobe Round Corners
Stylize>ScribbleLive Scribble Fill
SVG Filters>Apply SVG FilterLive SVG Filters
SVG Filters>Import SVG FilterSVG Filter Import
Warp>ArcLive Deform Arc
Warp>Arc LowerLive Deform Arc Lower
Warp>Arc UpperLive Deform Arc Upper
Warp>ArchLive Deform Arch
Warp>BulgeLive Deform Bulge
Warp>Shell LowerLive Deform Shell Lower
Warp>Shell UpperLive Deform Shell Upper
Warp>FlagLive Deform Flag
Warp>WaveLive Deform Wave
Warp>FishLive Deform Fish
Warp>RiseLive Deform Rise
Warp>FisheyeLive Deform Fisheye
Warp>InflateLive Deform Inflate
Warp>SqueezeLive Deform Squeeze
Warp>TwistLive Deform Twist
Effect GalleryLive PSAdapter_plugin_GEfc
Artistic>Colored PencilLive PSAdapter_plugin_ClrP
Artistic>CutoutLive PSAdapter_plugin_Ct
Artistic>Dry BrushLive PSAdapter_plugin_DryB
Artistic>Film GrainLive PSAdapter_plugin_FlmG
Artistic>FrescoLive PSAdapter_plugin_Frsc
Artistic>Neon GlowLive PSAdapter_plugin_NGlw
Artistic>Paint DaubsLive PSAdapter_plugin_PntD
Artistic>Palette KnifeLive PSAdapter_plugin_PltK
Artistic>Plastic WrapLive PSAdapter_plugin_PlsW
Artistic>Poster EdgesLive PSAdapter_plugin_PstE
Artistic>Rough PastelsLive PSAdapter_plugin_RghP
Artistic>Smudge StickLive PSAdapter_plugin_SmdS
Artistic>SpongeLive PSAdapter_plugin_Spng
Artistic>UnderpaintingLive PSAdapter_plugin_Undr
Artistic>WatercolorLive PSAdapter_plugin_Wtrc
Blur>Gaussian BlurLive PSAdapter_plugin_GblR
Blur>Radial BlurLive PSAdapter_plugin_RdlB
Blur>Smart BlurLive PSAdapter_plugin_SmrB
Brush Strokes>Accented EdgesLive PSAdapter_plugin_AccE
Brush Strokes>Angled StrokesLive PSAdapter_plugin_AngS
Brush Strokes>CrosshatchLive PSAdapter_plugin_Crsh
Brush Strokes>Dark StrokesLive PSAdapter_plugin_DrkS
Brush Strokes>Ink OutlinesLive PSAdapter_plugin_InkO
Brush Strokes>SpatterLive PSAdapter_plugin_Spt
Brush Strokes>Sprayed StrokesLive PSAdapter_plugin_SprS
Brush Strokes>Sumi-eLive PSAdapter_plugin_Smie
Distort>Diffuse GlowLive PSAdapter_plugin_DfsG
Distort>GlassLive PSAdapter_plugin_Gls
Distort>Ocean RippleLive PSAdapter_plugin_OcnR
Pixelate>Color HalftoneLive PSAdapter_plugin_ClrH
Pixelate>CrystallizeLive PSAdapter_plugin_Crst
Pixelate>MezzotintLive PSAdapter_plugin_Mztn
Pixelate>PointillizeLive PSAdapter_plugin_Pntl
Sharpen>Unsharp MaskLive PSAdapter_plugin_USMk
Sketch>Bas ReliefLive PSAdapter_plugin_BsRl
Sketch>Chalk & CharcoalLive PSAdapter_plugin_ChlC
Sketch>CharcoalLive PSAdapter_plugin_Chrc
Sketch>ChromeLive PSAdapter_plugin_Chrm
Sketch>Cont← CrayonLive PSAdapter_plugin_CntC
Sketch>Graphic PenLive PSAdapter_plugin_GraP
Sketch>Halftone PatternLive PSAdapter_plugin_HlfS
Sketch>Note PaperLive PSAdapter_plugin_NtPr
Sketch>PhotocopyLive PSAdapter_plugin_Phtc
Sketch>PlasterLive PSAdapter_plugin_Plst
Sketch>ReticulationLive PSAdapter_plugin_Rtcl
Sketch>StampLive PSAdapter_plugin_Stmp
Sketch>Torn EdgesLive PSAdapter_plugin_TrnE
Sketch>Water PaperLive PSAdapter_plugin_WtrP
Stylize>Glowing EdgesLive PSAdapter_plugin_GlwE
Texture>CraquelureLive PSAdapter_plugin_Crql
Texture>GrainLive PSAdapter_plugin_Grn
Texture>Mosaic TilesLive PSAdapter_plugin_MscT
Texture>PatchworkLive PSAdapter_plugin_Ptch
Texture>Stained GlassLive PSAdapter_plugin_StnG
Texture>TexturizerLive PSAdapter_plugin_Txtz
Video>De-InterlaceLive PSAdapter_plugin_Dntr
Video>NTSC ColorsLive PSAdapter_plugin_NTSC


menumenu command
Overprint Previewink
Pixel Previewraster
Proof Setup>Document CMYK>proof-document
Proof Setup>Legacy Macintosh RGB (Gamma 1.8)proof-mac-rgb
Proof Setup>Internet Standard RGB (sRGB)proof-win-rgb
Proof Setup>Monitor RGBproof-monitor-rgb
Proof Setup>Color blindness – Protanopia-typeproof-colorblindp
Proof Setup>Color blindness – Deuteranopia-typeproof-colorblindd
Proof Setup>Customizeproof-custom
Proof ColorsproofColors
Zoom Inzoomin
Zoom Outzoomout
Fit Artboard in Windowfitin
Fit All in Windowfitall
Actual Sizeactualsize
Hide Edgesedge
Hide Artboardsartboard
Hide Print Tilingpagetiling
Show SlicesAISlice Feedback Menu
Lock SlicesAISlice Lock Menu
Show Templateshowtemplate
Rulers>Show Rulersruler
Rulers>Show Video Rulersvideoruler
Rulers>Change to Global RulersrulerCoordinateSystem
Hide Bounding BoxAI Bounding Box Toggle
Show Transparency GridTransparencyGrid Menu Item
Show Text Threadstextthreads
Hide Gradient AnnotatorGradient Feedback
Show Live Paint GapsShow Gaps Planet X
Guides>Hide Guidesshowguide
Guides>Lock Guideslockguide
Guides>Make Guidesmakeguide
Guides>Release Guidesreleaseguide
Guides>Clear Guidesclearguide
Smart GuidesSnapomatic on-off menu item
Perspective Grid>Show GridShow Perspective Grid
Perspective Grid>Show RulersShow Ruler
Perspective Grid>Snap to GridSnap to Grid
Perspective Grid>Lock GridLock Perspective Grid
Perspective Grid>Lock Station PointLock Station Point
Perspective Grid>Define GridDefine Perspective Grid
Perspective Grid>Save Grid as PresetSave Perspective Grid as Preset
Show Gridshowgrid
Snap to Gridsnapgrid
Snap to Pointsnappoint
New Viewnewview
Edit Viewseditview


menumenu command
New Windownewwindow
Arrange>Float in WindowfloatInWindow
Arrange>Float All in WindowsfloatAllInWindows
Arrange>Consolidate All WindowsconsolidateAllWindows
Workspace>Save WorkspaceAdobe Save Workspace
Workspace>New WorkspaceAdobe New Workspace
Workspace>Manage WorkspacesAdobe Manage Workspace
CSS MenuCSS Menu Item
ActionsAdobe Action Palette
AppearanceStyle Palette
ArtboardsAdobe Artboard Palette
Attributesinternal palettes posing as plug-in menus-attributes
BrushesAdobe BrushManager Menu Item
ColorAdobe Color Palette
Color GuideAdobe Harmony Palette
Kuler PanelAdobe Illustrator Kuler Panel
Document InfoDocInfo1
Flattener PreviewAdobe Flattening Preview
GradientAdobe Gradient Palette
Graphic StylesAdobe Style Palette
Infointernal palettes posing as plug-in menus-info
LinksAdobe LinkPalette Menu Item
Magic WandAI Magic Wand
PathfinderAdobe PathfinderUI
Separations PreviewAdobe Separation Preview Panel
StrokeAdobe Stroke Palette
SVG InteractivityAdobe SVG Interactivity Palette
SwatchesAdobe Swatches Menu Item
SymbolsAdobe Symbol Palette
TransparencyAdobe Transparency Palette Menu Item
VariablesAdobe Variables Palette Menu Item
Characterinternal palettes posing as plug-in menus-character
Character StylesCharacter Styles
Glyphsalternate glyph palette plugin 2
OpenTypeinternal palettes posing as plug-in menus-opentype
Paragraphinternal palettes posing as plug-in menus-paragraph
Paragraph StylesAdobe Paragraph Styles Palette
Tabsinternal palettes posing as plug-in menus-tab
Other LibraryAdobe Art Style Plugin Other libraries menu item
Other LibraryAdobe Symbol Palette Plugin Other libraries menu item


menumenu command
Illustrator Helphelpcontent
About Illustratorabout
System InfoSystem Info

Other Panel

menumenu command
New SymbolAdobe New Symbol Shortcut
Show Color Panel (Secondary)Adobe Color Palette Secondary
Actions BatchAdobe Actions Batch
Add New FillAdobe New Fill Shortcut
Add New StrokeAdobe New Stroke Shortcut
New Graphic StyleAdobe New Style Shortcut
New LayerAdobeLayerPalette2
New Layer with DialogAdobeLayerPalette3
Update LinkAdobe Update Link Shortcut
Navigator OptionsAdobeNavigator2
New SwatchAdobe New Swatch Shortcut Menu

If you need to use executeMenuCommand, Probably, AiMenuObject custom class helps you.
You can check it below repository.