Corner Widget Switch (up to Illustrator CC)


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Hi Everyone, Are corner widgets used? I do not use it at all. However, this widget is very useful. It is a waste not to use. But, it is true that there are times when this is very disturbing.
In that case, it is only necessary to cut off the display, but it is bother to select by pulling down from the menu each time. Moreover, it is unworthy of assign a shortcut key (Illustrator dose not accept “Control” key to use shory cut, why???). After all, after disappearing the display, it will not display regardless of the situation where there is no problem even if it is displayed.

皆様、コーナーウィジェットは利用されていますか? わたしは全く利用していません。しかしながら、この機能はとても便利なものです。利用しないというのはもったいないです。しかし、これがとても邪魔に感じるときもあるのも事実です。

Of course, Its nosense this situation. So, I managed to manage it somehow.


As you see left side of previouse image, one of my extension named “Selection Maker”. In this time I added switching button that we can change corner widget state in it.


When we click “Corner Widget” button in previouse image, Corner Widget state change like below.
上の写真で「Corner Widget」ボタンをクリックすると下の写真の様に状態を切り替えることが出来ます。

That butto works alternately change Corner Widget state. Let’s Download below zxp file and try it. Have a funn!!!

Please note that You can use ZXP Installer and install zxp. Here is a link of ZXP Installer. However, If you aleady setup Player Debug Mode, You can use below zip package.



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